Description of the painting by Jean Baptiste Chardin "Return from the Market"

Description of the painting by Jean Baptiste Chardin

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It was created in 1739. It is located in the Louvre, Paris, France.

The French artist won great popularity with still lifes and scenes from the everyday life of the inhabitants, executed with great care and a great variety of color combinations. Even white was never homogeneous for him, which even D. Didro admired, believing that Chardin literally transfers matter, air and light with the tip of his brush to the canvas.

Another name of the canvas - “The Deliveryman” - characterizes the occupation of a woman in the foreground. She had just come from a shopping mall with large, crisp-looking and sprinkled bread, wrapped in cloth, plucked by a bird. She probably does not work in this house because her clothes are very different from the uniform of the maid girl in the distance to the left.

The dressman’s outfit is spelled out to the smallest detail: the small stripes of the lower skirt are perfectly combined with a white top, a cap and flowing folds of a blue apron, pink stockings with a slightly frivolous looking leg - with ribbons supporting the sleeves and preventing them from getting dirty. All three primary colors of her image (and partly the flag of France) are collected in a cute shawl on her shoulders. Femininity is emphasized by a ribbon with a medallion or dry perfume on the neck.

Sparing no energy, the author paints the interior: color and glare transitions, chiaroscuro on a wooden cabinet, pot-bellied dark glass bottles, a stable clay pot adjacent to a metal tray, even on a fallen lid, plastered walls and the copper side of the water tank in the next room. Thanks to the skill of the painter, the viewer easily understands the texture of the surfaces of these objects, is transferred to one ordinary day of the first half of the XVIII century. and feels that morning and a bit fussy overall atmosphere along with the faint aromas of the kitchen.

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