Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Church in Caen”

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Church in Caen”

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In the center of this landscape is a massive church, made in bright colors. The contours of the building are drawn more clearly than the rest of the constructions of Renoir's paintings.

In this case, the bends and indentations are transmitted not by alternating dark and light strokes, but by using a more detailed drawing. The white building has a slightly pinkish tint, and the roof is made in bright red. At the top of the roof is a cross that speaks of the nature of the structure.

The darkest components of the structure are two recesses: one narrow window and a wide one to accommodate a massive bell. Most of the building is covered by a tall and dark tree, which takes over most of the attention. Among the general composition, made mainly in light shades, the tree is the darkest and most massive figure. The texture of the leaves is not worked out, more attention is paid to the shape of the crown. Crohn has interspersed yellow and white, although it mainly consists of green and black, emphasizing the deepening and bends of the foliage. The top of the tree is sharp and directed straight into the sky, in shape resembling the flame of a candle.

In front of the building is a group of people. Among the figures you can distinguish a young woman talking with two people. Their clothes are made in light gray shades, however, the woman’s orange headdress stands out in part of the composition. On the right side of the composition are several unnaturally shaped trees. The strange thing is that they consist only of curved thin stems. The presence of such unusual vegetation gives the canvas a touch of originality and mysticism. The painting was painted on a sunny day, so the play of light and shadows coming from buildings and trees gives vividness and realism to the work.

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