Description of illustrations by Ilya Glazunov works of Dostoevsky

Description of illustrations by Ilya Glazunov works of Dostoevsky

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Ilya Glazunov is one of the few artists whose name has been associated with controversy for many decades. The audience’s admiration is accompanied by criticism, but interest in his work does not wane.

Glazunov’s work is associated with Dostoevsky. For 30 years, the artist revealed to the viewer the images created by the great novelist, embodied in them the spirit, all the inconsistency and complexity invested by the writer.

Glazunov illustrated the key points of the works of Dostoevsky.

Drawing their heroes, the artist does not draw clothes with such thoroughness, he does not betray her a significant accent. He pays more attention to face writing; it is this that is the center of the picture. It is through him that the artist reveals the inner world and the soul of the hero.

In a situation where the artist does not just write his personal creation, but illustrates the creation of someone else, he is very limited in the means of conveying the situation and character of the hero by the scope of the picture and storyline. It conveys the inner world, character, experiences precisely through the face: through the expression of the eyes, the sharpness or pomp of the lips, the slightest folds and wrinkles on the skin.

In each portrait, Glazunov seeks to convey the thoughts and essence of the internal struggle between good and evil.

Glazunov’s paintings illustrating the images of the heroes of the writer's work reveal the entire inner world and the psychological portrait embedded in them by writers. The tandem of Glazunov and Dostoevsky impresses not with a magnificent combination of talents, but with the incredible unity and integrity of the views of the worldview and perception of reality.

The versatility of the look, the variety of themes and the means of their image is combined with high skill and is expressed in the uniqueness of his work, the uniqueness of Glazunov's individual style.

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