Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "The Great City - Enmity for Enemies"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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The work “The Gracious Grace - Enmity for the Enemies” is part of a large collection of paintings that Roerich devoted to the upcoming war. This work was written in 1912. Tension was felt all over the world. World powers were in a state of conflict. Nicholas Roerich did not see anything good in a brewing war. He was a man of peace and rejected all violence.

The First World War, according to Roerich, was to split, destroy the world. Moreover, the artist understood this both literally and figuratively. The master predicted that war would destroy not only cities, but also people's thoughts.

This work reflects the essence of any war. Nicholas Roerich, while writing the work, completely surrendered to symbolism. Here we see that a large white-stone city is surrounded by uncontrolled fire. It seems that this city of paradise suddenly found himself in hell. Around the city walls rise mountains drowning in tongues of flame. At the top of the cliffs are monsters resembling devils. These dark, winged figures of creatures personify evil. In their hands they hold huge cobbles, which will soon be thrown into a snow-white hail. In addition to devils, huge fire-breathing dragons attack the city. It was they who set up this terrible fire that could destroy the shrine. The city is a symbol of purity, rationality, love and peace. Despite the flames raging around, the city buildings are not destroyed. They seem to resist evil.

One cannot fail to notice the protector of the "pure city". George the Victorious rushes through the hellish hell to cut down monsters, to destroy evil. The artist decided to depict the city and its protector in one color to emphasize their unity.

This picture conveys Roerich's thoughts about the war. He believes that good will always triumph over evil, reason will surpass stupidity and restraint.

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