Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova "Katya with still life"

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova

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Most often, Zinaida Serebryakova portrayed her youngest daughter Katya in her works. Despite the fact that the artist had three more children, it was Katya who caused particular interest of the master.

In this work, we see a girl about 11 years old. During this period of her life, Katya and her brother went to Paris, where their mother already lived. The little girl noticed that her mother eats almost nothing, because she does not like to devote time to cooking. Therefore, Katya decided that she would take on this mission. The girl often cooked for the family, and apparently, such a moment is captured on the canvas.

The girl is dressed in simple home clothes. She is wearing a blue dress and a white shawl that completely covers the back of the child. The artist paid special attention to drawing Katya's face. In the picture, the girl is depicted with big brown eyes. When you look at the canvas, it is the eyes that catch the eye. Deep, almost black. The girl smiles slightly, so she opened her mouth.

Often artists seek to embellish the portrayed, but Katya is depicted very naturally and naturally. She leaned slightly on the table with her hands. The child’s hair was disheveled: she stabbed them at the back of the head, but the strands still broke from the hairstyle. Now messy curls fall on the shoulders and frame the girl's face. Thanks to this detail, the image turned out to be very fresh, natural. There is no pretentiousness or deception. We see the most ordinary child, who runs around the streets, gets in the house. She is young and energetic.

On the table we see various products from which food will soon be prepared. On the plate are two small pikes, next - two heads of cauliflower, a bunch of radishes and a white root. There is also a plate with large juicy apples. The girl took one fruit and began to eat it, cutting slices with a sharp knife.

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