Description of the painting by Egon Schiele “Family”

Description of the painting by Egon Schiele “Family”

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The Egon Schiele family is one of the heaviest paintings by the author. In 1918, Europe was gripped by a terrible disease that claimed the lives of more than ten million people. Spanish flu has become a horror for every resident of Europe.

In the center of the picture, the artist portrayed himself, his wife Edith Harms and their unborn child. Contrary to Schiele's style, which is characterized by unnatural poses of the depicted characters that go beyond the picture, the main characters of this painting are depicted as extremely calm. One gets the impression that the artist predicted a tragic turn of events that awaits him: pregnant Edith died of Spanish flu at the sixth month of pregnancy, and three days after the death of his wife, Schille himself went to another world.

The skinny man at the top of the image sits calmly and looks directly at the center of the picture. His expression does not express concern or horror; he seems to be just expecting something. The skin of the man is made mainly in yellow and orange, many places are emphasized in red. The man’s left hand rests on his leg, and the man scratches his shoulder with his right hand. Below the main character is a beautiful naked woman. Her face also does not express alarm: on the contrary, it looks quite calm and reconciled. Unlike her husband, her skin is made mainly in pink with a touch of orange. The pose in which the woman sits is a bit like the pose of the spouse. At the feet of the mother, you can distinguish a small child looking sideways. With small arms he grabbed the pillow. The background of the image is extremely blurred, but you can guess that the family is sitting on the sofa or just a bunch of blankets and a sheet. Dark brown, red and gray background color is diluted with minor green and blue elements.

The heavy picture became an illustration of the word Spanish. The languid expectation of the inevitable, humility with pain and loss - all this was conveyed in the image by the master.

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