Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “In the Park”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “In the Park”

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Date of writing - 1881.

In the picture, the artist depicted his family: his wife - Yu. P. Makovskaya, children - Konstantin, Alexander, Elena. On a walk, the teacher accompanies the children.

In front of the viewer is a genre scene. The family went for a walk. Mom is located on the grass under a tree. From hot sunshine it closes with a bright red umbrella - nature is in the midst of the day.

The nanny of children, a woman of advanced years, comfortably settled in the shadow of dense greenery, on a bench. She took needlework with her so that in rare moments of peace she would not spend time in idleness. There is an umbrella next to the bench, but it has not yet been used, so it’s complicated. Not far from the bench on the ground a nanny of a stick was thrown - an elderly woman, obviously, is already hard to move without support.

Despite the warm weather, she is wearing a long light jacket with sleeves. She is busy with knitting, but she doesn’t let out children playing nearby, right on the park alley.

The children are dressed in the fashion of the end of the 19th century: the boy is wearing a white sailor suit, the girls are dressed in summer dresses, beautifully trimmed with lace and ruffles. On the heads of all three are children's straw hats decorated with ribbons.

Trinity is passionate about some very important childish affair. The faces of the girl in the white dress are not visible - she is depicted from the back. On the face of her little sister, joyful pleasure from what is happening is read, the profile of the little boy expresses interest - he is absorbed in the actions of the sisters.

Next to the children, right on the ground, the artist captured toys taken for a walk - a children's rake and a watering can, a ball. The small shovel is clearly involved in the process - it is postponed at arm's length from the girl in the white dress. A small fragment of green leaves is visible - it can be assumed that the company is busy planting the found tree branch.

A large place in the image of a resting family is occupied by the surrounding nature - branches, tree leaves, rare yellow wildflowers in a small meadow are carefully drawn.

The painting was painted in a lively, realistic manner, stored in St. Petersburg, in the collection of paintings of the Russian Museum.

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