Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of Andreev"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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The painting "Portrait of Andreev" is a portrait of the famous Russian writer Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev.

The second name of the work is “Summer Holidays”. The artist intentionally came up with this second name to confuse the audience. At first glance, it seems to us that the canvas depicts a man who is sitting relaxed on a bench somewhere in the back of the garden. Warm, summer day, the sun is shining. Around - lush, green vegetation, with a scattering of small white flowers. But this impression is misleading. The painting was painted back in 1904, when the modernist direction dominated the whole world. Repin also did not stand aside and, inspired by the rebellious movement, embodied in this work the whole revolutionary spirit of the generation.

Before us is a portrait of Leonid Andreyev. First of all, the person’s clothes stand out in the picture. A red shirt that looks like a bloody stain against a background of green grass. The author intentionally uses scarlet color to convey the state of mind of the portrait. The writer Andreev was known as a daring, restless person. He embodied world chaos. Blood red shirt - a reflection of his inner world. The contrast between the red shirt, the snow-white shop and the greenery in the background looks especially interesting. Despite the fact that the writer is sitting, you can feel the movement, the energy emanating from the picture.

We should also pay attention to the face of Andreev. His gaze, fixed in the distance, thoughtful, but displeased. Visible internal struggle, tension. Andreev’s facial features also tell us about his strong, strong-willed character - a straight nose, a sharp chin, a wide forehead and pursed lips. The sitting pose also tells us about the dramatic image. The face is slightly turned to the side, hands cover the entire length of the bench.

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