Description of the painting by Andrei Krasnoselsky Grandma's tales

Description of the painting by Andrei Krasnoselsky Grandma's tales

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Andrei Andreyevich Krasnoselsky's painting “Grandmother's Tales” was written in 1866 and is dedicated to the pastors of an ordinary bourgeois evening of a provincial family from an unnamed city. In the center of the exhibition is a living room in which you can count five children, a young woman (apparently their mother) and a grandmother telling them a fairy tale.

But not just telling, but putting sincere and genuine emotions, as well as feelings, into your narrative. This is told to us both by the language of her body (a severe and serious face, arms spread out in the manner of wings, convulsively clenched and tense fingers), and the attention with which the children listen to the narrator.

It can be assumed that half an hour ago, all those in the living room did not yet constitute such a single and captured by the history of the organism, and each was engaged in their own business. The younger children were busy playing, the older ones read books or were engaged in household affairs, and the old woman calmly knitted.

But then came the moment, which is not announced, but which everyone is silently and eagerly awaiting day by day - the time when the grandmother begins to tell a fairy tale. Toys are laid aside, things are left for later - everyone gathers around a small table covered with a frills and decorated with a dim lamp. Some of the children sit on the sofa, someone right at the feet of the grandmother; everyone listens with admiration to her fascinating narrative.

The decoration of the room, as mentioned above, largely indicates the philistine lifestyle of its inhabitants. The floor is covered with a colored carpet in flower. Near the wall there is a sofa upholstered with patterned material, as well as an oven. Small, by the standards of the family, dining table.

On the wall hangs a portrait on which, as you might assume, a grandmother is depicted in his youth. By the way, she still does not look old: for years, she has added a cap and glasses.

On the left in the picture we can see another figure, which is somewhat out of the general concept of the image, as well as the atmosphere of the “fairy tale evening”. According to the front dress and the noble face, it can be suggested that this is the owner of the house, who is pictured entering the room at the very height of the story.

Judging by his preoccupied face, he either brought some unpleasant news, or - froze on the threshold, afraid of his arrival to tear off that fabulous thread that the old woman weaves with her entertaining story.

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